Who Knew?

"Who Knew?" by Destiny A. Davison, 2021
“Who Knew?” by Destiny A. Davison, 2021


I’ve been drawing faces for a while now. And I guess that’s finally caught up with me.

The TOGETHER series is a collection of expressions focused on the themes of connection, community, identity, and the various thinking things that make-up a place called Here.

I.E., where everybody goes to hang out and just “chill.”

Alongside my full-color prints, I’m excited to add “Color-Your-Way” pages of all entries in the TOGETHER series. You are welcome to download a 8×10 inch and/or 11×14 inch version of any “Color-Your-Way” on paper of your choosing and color-in with reckless abandon, on a pay-as-you-can basis. I appreciate your support and look forward to what you create.

And I would love to see your finished piece! When sharing on social media, please tag me at @destinyadavison so I’ll I can see it and shout all over town about it.

Here’s the first crowd of folks, “THEM.

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