“The Droll: Number One” – E ZINE

  • 44-page PDF
  • Illustrations, stories and multi-verse factoids
  • Unlimited downloads for 30 days so that if your junk folder gets rocky you’ve got a backup plan
  • A hint of chaos

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The Droll is an ongoing, illustrated series created in 2013. Back when I’d started to entertain the idea that “anything” might really be possible and that it might be a fine idea to dye my hair orange.

(“Anything” is, but the orange hair wasn’t).

Droll means “curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement” according to Google and this first installment could be all of those things. It could not. Isn’t it wild that we live in a universe with so many alternate possibilities? Doesn’t that keep you up at night?

If it does, then perhaps a trip to anywhere is in order. Hang on, grab a hot beverage and your reading utensils, and let’s go somewhere.

Foot Notes:

The Droll has changed faces through the years. The rabble is currently making the rounds on Instagram and word’s been going around that several of them are thinking of forming a band, perhaps to be called “Did You See Where I Put My Thumbtack? I Set It Down and Can’t Find It?” Band members include but aren’t limited to:

Sandy Quagmire – who regularly borrows other people’s toothbrushes

Libby W. Lockness – no relation

Robin Robinson – who would rather play bass, but is fine on drums, I guess

P.H. Dashwood – who didn’t even want to be in the band, but needs to put something on his resume


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