I’ve been drawing faces for a while now. And I guess that’s finally caught up with me.

The TOGETHER series is a collection of expressions focused on the themes of connection, community, identity, and the various thinking things that make-up a place called Here.

I.E., where everybody goes to hang out and just “chill.”

Alongside my full-color prints, I’m excited to add “Color-Your-Way” pages of all entries in the TOGETHER series. You are welcome to download a 8×10 inch and/or 11×14 inch version of any “Color-Your-Way” on paper of your choosing and color-in with reckless abandon, on a pay-as-you-can basis. I appreciate your support and look forward to what you create.

And I would love to see your finished piece! When sharing on social media, please tag me at @destinyadavison so I’ll I can see it and shout all over town about it.

Here’s the first crowd of folks, “THEM.

august print drop #1 is here

Well, look at that? The first few attendees have arrived to the party. They’re the people that RSVP’d months in advance and instead of saying “hello” made a b-line for the snack table the moment after they walked through the door.

August’s spring cleaning sale runs through 8/31. All prints are prepared in limited quantities. Get them while they’re Here. Click here to shop all prints.

P.S., we heard there was a gas leak over at

thanks for being here

This a placeholder post. Here because something has to be, someone had to be the very first post on this news-feed and Carl, unfortunately, is it.

Could there be an underlying narrative to this post that most would ignore?

But you, in your infinite wisdom, choose to look deeper to find the real meaning?

Yes, that may be the case, most probably.

The hidden message of this post could in fact be hiding right under your nose–no–inside the black caverns of Carl’s eyes (see above).

Go ahead, keep looking, we’ll just have to see who blinks first.