Destiny A. (an arbitrary A that might very well have no meaning at all) Davison is a writer and illustrator from the Midwest. She has done other things too throughout the years, including but not limited to:

  • Eating a sandwich that contained only sliced, uncooked unions and iceberg lettuce (not bad,  actually). 
  • Getting lost in a neighborhood she thought she was familiar with, but mistakingly went down a block she never had before spent the next 45 minutes walking around in a decidedly bewildered state.
  • Attempting to telepathically communicate with her dog.
  • Fantasizing about living a minimalist lifestyle and owning only one fork and one spoon that she can call “my fork” and “my spoon.” 
  • Walking down the halls of one of those crowded “adult arcades” and pretending she’d brought enough quarters to play the Jurassic Park pinball game, but in fact she had not.
  • Stared at every popcorn ceiling she happened upon with the intention of discovering the secrets of the universe.