Destiny A. Davison

I’m Destiny. I’m a writer, illustrator, cartoonist and multi-media maker from the Midwest. My work explores the real, the unreal, and the in-between. Thanks for being Here.


How did you get started with all this?

I’ve been drawing since I got here. First I started on walls, then gradually moved over to the traditional pen and paper route, then digital art. Meanwhile, I was shuffling along down various roads of the performing arts–dance, theater, learning to play only one song on the piano, which was  “As Time Goes By” from Casa Blanca (remember that, there will be a quiz later). I was one of those sad English majors in college but didn’t realize I should be sad about it until after I graduated. And by then it was too late, I’d already purchased the honorary Liberal Arts grad’s trunk of knit sweaters. I’m doomed.

Eventually, all the mediums I was dabbling in started brushing shoulders–I wanted to draw my words, so I just started doing that. Nowadays, my approach to my creative life is to try whatever I can, make stuff and share it with folks and wear out my bones until the arthritis bops into the room to say, “stop that, stop that now.”

Why are you vegan?

Because the sheep got to me.

Are you available for an interview on my blog?

I think so! Let’s give it a go. E-mail me at hello @ destinydavison (dot) com

Do you take personal commissions?

Yes! Send me a note and describe what you’re thinking. In general, I love to collaborate and if it looks like we’re a good fit for your project, then let’s make something cool together.

So you collaborate? Want to work together?

Yessir. Tell me about it.

What’s your favorite color?

Orange and green and tan and maroon and canary

Do you post your art elsewhere online?

Yes. Mostly Instagram.

I like what you do. How can I support it?

Thank you, really. I appreciate your support everyday of my life and I could reach out and hug you right now (only if you’re okay with that, or we could just have a moment of tender, prolonged eye contact). On my Patreon, I post works-in-progress, things I find curious and word salad, and your support there in any way helps me keep the lights on.

Most times when you share or “like” some of my art/work online I see it and am happy. My favorite part is when this sharing leads to conversations and we get to know each other better. That’s the best.

What about your  career as a lauded marine biologist?

That was a pipe dream. The ocean is a mysterious mistress and we should not wake her. The mere fact that we still don’t know how big the “Giant Octopus” actually is should keep us all up all nights.

What’s the meaning of life?

Breathing feels good. Loving is everything. Sometimes you’re wrong and you’ve got to change. And that’s okay, because change is the point.

Just kidding…who the hell knows, I’m just happy to be Here.

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