Hi, I’m Destiny Davison (she/her/they, Dolly to my friends) and this is the about page of my website. I’ve put off writing this page because of the sheer amount of “daunt” that comes with writing about yourself. It’s a very strange thing to do, and, at least for me, comes with a heavy dose of I’m probably going to get this wrong.

But that’s A-OK with me, I’ve got plenty of bigger, more important and irrevocable things wrong in my life, so this is just another one. So, you came here to learn more about me, right? To that point, here’s some (I hope reliable) facts about me:

A photo of a stunned, as in very shocked, Destiny Davison in a warm yellow blouse with a white outline around her. Behind her is a black void.


  • I’m based in Minneapolis, MN, but I won’t talk to you about our winters/snow in general unless you really, really want me to…
  • My primarily mediums are cartooning, animation, illustration/graphic design, mixed-media (analog and digital), live performance, and some Frankenstein’s monster inspired crafting (glueing/stitching things together until something beautiful or terrible happens).
  • I once tried my hand at ceramics but wasn’t any good at it.
  • I make the ongoing webcomic The Anywhere Report at www.theanywherereport.com
  • I also share sketchbook pages, animations, and creative projects that don’t quite fit elsewhere at www.dollywho.com
  • I’ve worked and/or collaborated on a variety of projects throughout my “career” so far, including music videos, print projects, billboards, animated videos, ad campaigns, logos, and more.
  • I’m also an improvisor and theatre-maker, all professional words for “I like to be silly onstage.” Here’s a clip from my Minnesota Fringe Festival show DOLLY WHO? that I did in 2023.
  • I’m a f***king Saggittarious.

I hope these facts helped you to get to know me more. Have a specific question that needs a specific fact? Contact me at hello@destinydavison.com