Destiny A. Davison, 2019

Destiny Davison is a writer and illustrator. She writes about the real, the unreal and the in-between. She illustrates the mess.

She also understands that there’s an unspoken rule that speaking about yourself in third-person is more professional. While that may or may not be true depending on who (whom?) you’re debating, she’s going to stop doing that now before it gets weird.

Hi. I’m Destiny, and I’m one of 7 billion people on Earth (that we know of, I’m sure there’s more hanging around somewhere). I’ve always found it very strange that I happen to be living this life, out of all the many, many, many alternatives. When I was little I always wondered what it would be like, logistically, if I’d been born a dinosaur. A triceratops, to be precise. What came after that thought was an even more peculiar thought–if I had been born a triceratops, would I instead be wondering what it would be like to be “me”?

And so began my love affair with peculiar thinking things and the idea that anything is possible. I’m sure you’ve heard that last one before. Everybody says it but very rarely do we stop and admit that if “anything is possible” then somewhere, out there, there is a spoon living on a planet of sentient spoons that is late to a job interview and still deciding what pair of socks to wear. 

Anything, you say, anything?

Artistically, the possibility of “anything” has allowed me to make all sorts of different things: comics (The Droll, Planet B), stories, illustrations and a live performances where I calmly whisper sweet nothings into a pickle jar as audiences are held captive for 55 minutes. Personally, the possibility of “anything” is a daily question I struggle to wrap my head around. And I believe this is something I’m not alone in.

But that’s my favorite part about “anything.” That I’m not alone, and never was or will be, in being awestruck as all hell about it. 

Thank you for being Here.